Football Fives is committed to ensure that all games are played in the right spirit and to upholding the usual FFV codes of Behaviour. 


The Rules Include:

-There must be four outfield players and one goal keeper per team

-For mixed games, there must be a minimum of two women players on the outfield at any given time. (Even if a female is the goal keeper)

-In League Competitions you are only permitted to have three substitutes -unlimited interchange (Only when game is stopped)

-No on field players are allowed inside the "D" expect for the goal keeper. This is the goal keepers space, the keeper must not step outside.
-Outfield players can not step into the 'D' from the opposing team, if this happens it will be the keepers ball.
If a player from your own team steps into the 'D' the this will result in a penalty.
-If the goal keeper steps or reaches out of the 'D', the opposition will get a penalty. 

-All players can header all the ball.

-Tackles from behind are not allowed.

-Slide tackles are also not permitted.

-Abusive language to the referee or any player is not acceptable, The referee will stop play if any abusive language is heard.

-Play is continuous. The ball can be rebounded off the boards on the side of the pitch and enar the goals.

-The only time the game is stopped is when a goal is socred, a foul is commited or if the ball goes outside the pitch.

-After a goal is scored, the ball goes back to the centre of the pitch for a kick off (The ball is played backwards)

-It is cumpalsary for all players to WEAR SHIN PADS.

-Boots and runners can be worn on the surface, no metal studs.

-All players must follow the referees instructions and decisions throughout the game.

-Free Kicks are all in-direct, except penalties.

- If a player takes a penalty, they can only take one step. 


If your team needs to make a report please go into the main office and discuss with staff.


If you would like a full outline of the rules please contact us directly.